Bye Ms Petroholic, you'll always be my 1st. MuaaaMuaaaaack! )':

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sigh, it's been a sad sad saaaaaaaaad day for me.

It started from the day before when I was turning out of my office heading to a blogger's event at Sentosa but there was this MASSIVE jam, like really massive - turning out of my office area to the main road took a whole 30 minutes already!

Then i saw it, my poor Ms Petroholic started smoking like crazy from the car hood!!!

It was really scary and I didn't know what to do! Total bimbotic moment but luckily i was at the side of the road so i stopped and got out of the car and starting making calls to Leon + my usual car workshop and they advised me not to open the car hood (aiyah please i wouldn't know how to do that also LOL) and since my water temp gauge was still in the normal range he advised that i drive over to the car workshop which was not too far away and they will check it for me, so i drove and was stuck in the jam for the longest time, it is DAMN scary to drive while your car is smoking like nobody's business!!!

Then after an hour or so of being stuck in the damn jam (i turned off the engine cos it seems like the temp gauge was getting higher to cool it off since i'm stuck in the jam and not moving anyway) then i wouldn't start at all. ):

Called the tow company to come get my car and now i was in the middle lane, too scared to get out of the car, stupid buses keep zooming pass my car so quickly one time this bloody SBS bus actually bang on the side my car! Too shocked to react also, sitting in a bloody smoking car, soooo scared that my car is gonna implode or whatever crap, and then people starting thinking I was the cause of the damn jam and rudely honk at me like crazy, didn't dare to use my phone because i was so scared my phone battery would go flat and i won't be able to contact the tow company or leon.

So all in all i just sat in the car doing nothing but freaking out that my car will suddenly explode or whatever for 2hours15mins until Leon came to "save" me (he couldn't come earlier as he was in the middle of a property viewing) and then the tow truck came shortly! Tssssssssk.

Bloody hell waited so long and so damn scared! 

Went home while the tow truck sent my car to the workshop and felt so sad and uneasy all night, guess i kinda knew that my car is going to die on me. ):

So after the car workshop did some diagnostics they found that my engine block has cracked or something, previously since we got this car, not mentioning maintenance, we spent 1k plus one repairs, then did another check and change this change that which cost $700+, early last year my car broke down in the middle of the road too and i had to do an engine overhaul which cost me about 2.3k, and in December we spent another 2k+ on repairs once again (leon was super sweet and he helped me with the repair payment partially!) and now 3 months later this time they said that the repairs would cost 3k+ but my Chevy is literally "disintegrating" and slowly dying and it's for sure that it would need alot more repairs and yet it will still keep dying on the road and they recommended that we scrap the car although it's still left with 2 years.

Sigh, I really am depressed that I'm losing my Ms Petroholic. ):

She was my 21st birthday present and everyone knows it as the Riri car and always joke that it's not for humans to sit but for Rilakkuma(s) because i have a shitload of Rilakkuma in there riding with me while i drive everywhere. Even though she never have really felt very "me" being black and all but she was still mine. ):

Ask anyone who usually drive to go without cars it's so mad depressing! I haven't taken the bus and train like since i'm 21 (except when i'm overseas of course) call me pampered or whatever but OMGGGGGGG I'M SOOOOO SAAAAAAADDDDD. 

I even cried a little when i was clearing out my car content into leon's car to bring home my stuff because i kept thinking of Ms Petroholic going to the scrapyard and getting all squished and dead. ):

Yah i know it's a car, tsssssssk but I'm sentimental to everything down to my Rilakkuma car keys holder not to mention my darling car that have brought me everywhere for the past 2.5 years. The plan was to drive it all the way till 2016 when it's 10 years is up and then we'll scrap it, by then leon and i would have our own home and we can share a car, but i'm just not so prepared to lose it so quickly.

Sigh, sorry for the the excessive ): emoticons. 
Need to rant and let out all my sadness if not I'll be sulking all week. 

To end this on a positive note, Thank god Leon is so awesome to let me have his car while he's away touring and he also said that whenever he can he would send me and pick me up from work! So sweeeeeeeet! 

And my boss is so amazingly nice when i told her my poor car is getting scrapped and i would be driving Leon's car to work sometimes and she arranged to change my workplace season parking to his car plate so soon so i could drive to work today and not worry about parking!

Bye Ms Petroholic, you'll always be my 1st. MuaaaMuaaaaack!  )':

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